About us

Tiny Pops- born out of the warmth of grandma’s kindness & love for healthy snacking. As the sun sliced down into our tiny yard, our grandma would often roast grains in a piping hot, open pan only to dip them in amazing imli sauce and served us with this lip- smacking popped Sorghum.

You may wonder what Sorghum is. Well, it’s not just a crop but rather a tradition, handed over to us for 8,000 years to say the least. This magical crop has a low carbon footprint, therefore leaving this planet much greener for future generations.

In a bid to save the world & promote healthily snacking, the curious mind of Aman set out to bring native flavours from grandma’s kitchen to your table. High on deposits of iron, calcium & dietary fibre, makes it a perfect snack even for kids!

Neither fried, nor baked, Tiny Pops are flavoured, popped Sorghum brewed to instantly melt in your mouth. Perfect for party nibbles or a snack on the go.Loose yourself to the whirlwind of light, crisp and indulgent taste of Tiny Pops. It isn’t just a guilt free snacks but a way of life!